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What is CRO?

The AWA Periodic Table of Conversion Rate Optimisation Success Factors


Conversion Rate Optimisation – or CRO – may seem like a dark art if you’ve never experienced it first-hand. Ecommerce companies who embrace CRO claim to get stellar results and ever increasing online sales.

CRO overview – the first step to success

If you’d like to replicate their achievements, then the first step is to understand the CRO process as a whole. To help with that, we’ve created this infographic which gives an overview of all the key elements involved in successful CRO, designed like the well-known periodic table for chemical elements.

How to use the table

Each factor has been given a weighting to indicate its relative importance in the CRO process. We’ve also noted accelerators that can improve your chances of success and negatives that that can hinder it.

Each sub-group has a number of tiles which represent individual elements within that part of the process. Each tile has a title, with a two-letter abbreviation for easy identification, similar to the traditional periodic table you may remember from school. At the outer edge of the table you’ll find a short description of each element.

Successful CRO

In addition, each tile has a weighting in the top right hand corner. Successful CRO comes from a combination of different factors, some more important than others. This weighting is our attempt to indicate which factors are most critical; the higher the number, the more important it is, based on our experience.

Turbo charge your CRO process

CRO is a process. Getting great results is not just what you do, it’s also how you do it. Attitudes and culture can improve your CRO success rate or hinder it. Being aware of the accelerators and inhibitors allows you to alter your approach to wring the maximum benefits from your CRO programme.

Download the AWA Periodic Table of CRO Success Factors


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